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Address: by Medical Centre, Nantwich Road, Wrenbury, Cheshire, CW5 8EW.

Junior coaching information



I hope you have all kept well over lockdown. I have some news that hopefully should brighten your day.


INDIVIDUAL TENNIS LESSONS ARE BACK! The goverment and the LTA have worked together to relax their restrictions on tennis.


This does mean Individual lessons only will be on offer on Monday daytime.


Lesson slots will be staggered by ten minutes to avoid meeting anyone between lessons.


Due to the amount of tennis balls I have, I can only coach full ball and red ball tennis. Sorry for the inconvenience.


 Please respond to this email if you are looking to book a tennis lesson!  


IMPORTANT - Health and Safetly

Social distancing (2m+ away from players) will be a priority in these session not just for the safety of the player but for my safety as well.


The following must be read and understood by players before booking a lesson:

*Players and the coach will stick to their side of the court at all times.

*Feedback will be given from service line to service line (12m+ distance away)

*Balls will be collected with the ball collectors or the player can choose to not pick them up at all. *There will be a players' ball collector that will be disinfected between lessons if wanted.

*Players must not touch any of the tennis balls with their hands. Tennis balls will be changed each lesson however.


We will be on court one (Bench court) to reduce the exposure to people that may on the park

There are no Toilets!! Please make sure you bring handsanitiser for before and after the session and go to the toilet before the session.

I have a first aid kit with me and in an emergency situation I will be doing first aid. Small injuries will be self administered.  


If you know me well, you will know my mum works for the NHS and is currently swabbing for them... ewwww. Well someone has to do it... Luckily for you and I, I am not currently living at home so there is no need to worry about that!


The main rules are as shown above but the link below will take you to the LTA Website and eplain more into the changes and regulations.,6VBYW,R4IIRG,RKLFS,1