Singles Ladder & Ladder Match Blog

Ladder Position in order of ranking.

Any player may challenge another up to two places above in the table.

The winner moves up the ladder one place above the looser.

Full rules are below.

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Chris Lloyd
Emma Sanders
Rob Lawrie

Ladder Rules : Remember, it's just for fun !

6; The "Top Spot" rule: The club committee reserve the right to "rent in" opposition to the top spot if no changes occur in the position within the tennis club year. If the top spot player is beaten by "the ringer" (as he shall be known), the top spot player shall move down 2 places, and will have to play his way back up to the top one place at a time.
7; The "It Was Not A Ladder Match" rule: A ladder match is only considered a ladder match if both sides agree it was. In the event of a disagreement, the challenge is only official, if previously advertised on the blog.
8. The "Triple Failed Challenge" rule: A challenged person must offer 2 dates to play within 2 weeks, from the date of challenge. After 2 weeks, if no dates have been offered, challenger may challenge again. If challenger is deferred 3 times without dates being offered, then game is forfeit, - the challenger takes position above the challenged player - and the challenged player drops 1 further place in the table.
Challenger cannot invoke the triple challenge rule if challenger has previously been beaten in a ladder match by the challenged, in the current club year.
The triple challenge rule can only be invoked for the same challenge, once per club year, 1st May - 31st April, even if ladder places may have swapped around more than once.
9; The "Who Makes The Rules" rule: The tennis club committee have full and final say on all rules. New rules may be brought in or existing ones changed at any time.

1; The "Legal Challenge" rule: Challenges can only be made to players up to 2 positions above the challenger.
2; The "Match Format" rule: All matches best of 3 games. All games first to 6 (no draws). Usually 3 sets to be played anyway.
3; The "Splitting The Match" rule: Matches may be played across several nights, to suit weather conditions etc. Matches may be played for instance 1 set per week, on club nights etc. Club night singles sets to be played only if courts do not have people waiting. Club night match play only by mutual agreement of other members present on the night.
4; The "Blog" rule: Once a game is arranged, the details should be entered on the ladder blog with the date and time ( hopefully we might start to see some spectators ). After the game, the winner puts the full result and comments on blog. After the winner posts the winners blog, the looser responds to the winners blog as required.
5; The "No Challenges Made" rule : All players must make at least one challenge above them per year, or will be dropped two places (excludes the top spot of course). It is the duty of (and will be considered good sport) for players in the ladder to report suspected non-challenge violations at the end of the ladder year (at the AGM).

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